Spot the missing IOS ? ? ?

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    I've searched and tried a few things to get WiiWare playing on a Wii I have here. I've been away for a bit so made sure to read up, all threads and suggestions etc.

    9/10 threads suggested I installed 3 missing IOS........
    (IOS55) vers: 18.25 (4633)
    (IOS53) vers: 16.17 (4113)
    (IOS38) vers: 14.25 (3609)

    So I did this, but still I have the problem that some games reset the Wii.

    Now back when I updated the Wii to 3.2, I used the Bushing DVD because I couldn't get the Wii online and never had a game with 3.2 on it. I've heard Bushings 3.2 is a stripped down version and might, might be be missing an IOS.

    I've used title lister to list what system files I have, can anyone spot the missing IOS ?

    Any help appreciated [​IMG]

    (IOS55) vers: 18.25 (4633)

    (IOS53) vers: 16.17 (4113)

    (IOS38) vers: 14.25 (3609)

    (IOS36) vers: 4.18 (1042)
    (IOS35) vers: 4.16 (1040)
    (IOS34) vers: 4.15 (1039)
    (IOS33) vers: 4.16 (1040)

    (IOS31) vers: 4.16 (1040)
    (IOS30) vers: 4.16 (1040)

    (IOS28) vers: 5.8 (1288)

    (IOS22) vers: 3.4 (772)
    (IOS21) vers: 2.2 (514)
    (IOS20) vers: 0.12 (12)

    (IOS17) vers: 2.0 (512)

    (IOS15) vers: 1.1 (257)
    (IOS14) vers: 1.1 (257)
    (IOS13) vers: 0.10 (10)
    (IOS12) vers: 0.6 (6)
    (IOS11) vers: 0.10 (10)

    (IOS9) vers: 2.4 (516)

    (IOS4) vers: 0.3 (3)

    (System Menu) vers: 1.34 (290) FW: IOS30

    (MIOS) vers: 0.5 (5)

    (BC) vers: 0.2 (2)


    Is it the dreaded IOS 37? if so which version, should I get is there more than one?
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    IOS 51?
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    Thanks, never thought about that one thought that was for the Wii Shop?

    hmmm, so 37 or 51, or both?

    /me goes off to

    *EDIT* So I didnt bump

    Thanks WiiPower m8, just decided to do that and updated to 4.0 at the same time. Who cares what actual IOS it was [​IMG]
    updating to 4.0 (correctly) was sure to fix it, so I thought kill 2 birds with the one stone.

    EVERYTHING is 100% working on my wii, I've not found any limits with any of the official features or with any of the homebrew things except for some of my lil poc apps, but that's down to typos [​IMG]

    Syntax error on line 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    I'll learn to take my time typing one day... or maybe not [​IMG]
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    If you don't have a IOS37 yet, the installation of IOS37 will only affect applications that use and require IOS37. So just install all IOS you are missing as a first step and see if the problem still exists. Then if it still doesn't work, i would try to get the information which IOS is used by the game somehow out of your Wii. I think the title lister tells you which IOS is used by which channel. Then look if you have that IOS, and if you have it, look which version your IOS has. All versions >1042 don't have the trucha bug, and all IOS over IOS36 never had the trucha bug. You can patch the bug manually into it then, or just install the matching cIOS from cioscorp.