Spoofing an amiibo using Android+NFC?

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by dude22072, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Yes, you can copy an Amiibo to another NFC tag. It is listed here on the forums on HOW TO DO IT.

    YES it is also possible to use your phone AS AN NFC TAG with HOST CARD EMULATION. However, nobody has yet developed an app (that I know of) that uses this feature on android phones.
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  2. cearp

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    and actually, i'd rather spend $15 and get a bunch of tags forever, compared to having to switch out the amiibo i want on my phone each time
    but a 100% free solution is always good. (although you still need a phone!)
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    My old gen 1 nexus 7 works. You can get a refurb for $60.
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    My old N7 died, but this will give me a reason to repair it now.
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    Mine too. I no longer have a USB port. I replaced it with a micro JST just to charge
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    unfortunately android HCE only supports NFC ISO 14443-4 while amiibo uses 14443-2 (similar with NTAG215 writable tags you'll find everywhere). so no you can't use HCE to emulate amiibo, but on some android devices with cyanogen you might be able to
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  7. Wolf85

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    I have an android phone with nfc if there was an app that could emulate the tags I would be willing to test this on my o3ds. I also have the nfc reader/writer from Nintendo and the link amiibo.
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    Hey I have a question, I know that I can read amiibos with android NFC, and I have done that and made a copy of the data on my Lucas. If I were to go and reset my progress in the amiibo editor in smash bros, can I at a later date rewrite that backup back onto the amiibo and have it use the old data(prior to reset)?
  9. kiritomens

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    is not a app but works with android app pretty cool
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    Not that I'm against it, however if you plan to buy a lot of amiibos and train them on Super Smash Bros, you're not gonna carry your 3DS inside your pouch along with, say, 10 or 15 amiibos.
    That way you could buy them and dump them to your Android phone, keeping all of your amiibos in one place.
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    This is GBAtemp.
    95% here only cares about pirating.
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  12. Thulinma

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    Yes. The data is protected by a signature only. Restoring backups works just fine, but you cannot create your own data "from scratch". So jumping back and forth between various versions is no problem, and this can be done with any standard android phone without special settings or hardware needed. It "just works".
  13. CRaSHeCLiPs

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    there's actually a huge amount of amiibo files just floating in the internet
    and some are amiibo that don't exist yet
  14. Felek666

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    Bumping a old thread but you can just inject that code into your desired ROM and then flash it. Will work the same without that dead CWM
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