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    Feb 25, 2016
    I speak Spanish and use google translator to give my message, this shows my interest in translating this game.
    Hello gbatemp excuse abuse write here and bother them with my problem, well I'm going to the point, of course a week ago I sought help translate the Spectral Force Genesis NDS to Spanish, so far was translating my own and had already translated the nation of selection and the "secrets" of the game that would like to understand the history data can also translate the powers and stuff, but when arriving at the talks between the characters made me 100% hard, and spent hours trying to translate this: "it smells of burn iron" and no e could to not understand that I have to do to translate, so appreciate if you are motivated to help me or direct me at least I have to do to translate that part would appreciate and so to translate this game 100% because if I learn how to translate the rest that I think I may make it easier (I think).
    upload an image of software that use the hedit and my headache, if I delete something or try to substitute something just so hurt, I think I need another program or idea you have to do, agradesco any help.
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