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    Jul 23, 2009
    Basically i wanna get a flash cart and having a tough time deciding between the Acekard 2i and the Supercard DSTWO, from what i can tell the Acekard is a basic flash cart will let me play DS games and some media thats pretty much it where as the Supercard lets you do that plus emulation of gba and snes am i right in my assumption that is the only real difference between the 2. Im looking for compatibility with DSI and XL and id like a card that will be around awhile and i wont have to buy a new one in a year or so. Again sorry if its been asked before i wasn't able to find it through search.

    thanks alot in advance for any responses
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    Alright, yes you are correct in what you just said.
    Now I would say if battery life and money isn't an issue, go with the Supercard Two. It's got tons of features from SNES emulation to GBA Emulation, the best AP by-pass, and updating it when the DSi updates is just copy over one file.
    If you want a card that works, has cool features like WIFI updates and you have a way to flash you card when the DSi updates like an extra flashcard or a DS Lite, go with that.
    But personally since I own both the Acekard 2i and the Supercard Two, I say go with the Supercard Two, you won't regret it.