Sony Forming Anti-Piracy Program

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    According to IGN, Sony is forming a Anti-Piracy Program.

    To quote:

    "Two new job listings posted on SCEA’s website reveal the company is getting serious about PlayStation 3 software piracy.

    Sony is looking for a new Senior Corporate Counsel and a Senior Paralegal for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection. The main responsibilities include “assessing annual SCEA corporate anti-piracy needs and addressing the needs through developing and implementing an anti-piracy program.”

    “The program to be developed will require a strong strategic online component (taking input from and working with SCEA Marketing, SCEA Strategic Business Development Latin America and SCEA Product Development),” the listing reads.

    The jobs also require “collaborating with other anti-piracy organizations, including those of affiliated Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony Corporation and the videogame industry’s trade association, the Entertainment Software Association.”

    Other responsibilities ask for “overseeing anti-piracy civil lawsuits and providing support to law enforcement and intellectual property agencies on behalf of SCEA.” Additionally, one of the requirements is having “knowledge of online investigative practices and online databases (e.g. how to find owner, administrator, ISP associated with a given domain name, etc.)”

    Sony recently took famed iPhone hacker George Hotz to court after he and another group of hackers unlocked the PlayStation 3?s security and later published the data online. Since then, homebrew applications to run pirated software have hit the net, and one of Sony’s major first-party titles, Killzone 3, was reportedly leaked two weeks before its release.

    Last Wednesday, the company issued a statement saying those caught using pirated software will have their console banned permanently from PlayStation Network.

    “Circumvention devices and game piracy damage our industry and can potentially injure the online experience for you, our loyal PlayStation customers, via hacks and cheats,” Sony stated. “By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.”

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  2. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    Of course, they're going to lump together "piracy" and "cheating" with "homebrew".
  3. Theraima

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Seems that they are getting rather desperate about this..
  4. Recorderdude

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    And this week on "Everybody Hates Sony", Sony goes RIAA on yo ass!

    OT: I saw a news story this morning about Somalian pirates brutally torturing and killing some travelers for their money, while U.S. destroyer ships were very near by... - why the f*ck can't We all try to catch them instead of kids that downloaded killzone 3 illegaly?
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    Nov 17, 2008
  6. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Am i the only one that like what they are doin [​IMG]
  7. Recorderdude

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    Yes. now please kindly THINK. Then perhaps you'll have a different opinion. [​IMG]
  8. boombox

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    I like what they're doing too!

    It's best for Sony to crack down on this now and show some effort towards it.
    Online gaming can be ruined for many gamers if there is cheating involved.
    Plus i love playing online games on the PS3.

    Shame about Homebrew though, that is the only positive thing about anything being hacked - customising and playing old-skool games you paid for many years ago on an updated system that's still plugged into your electricity output. (i kept all my old consoles, but i prefer to keep them in the box these days).
  9. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    so much for "Homebrew" on the PS3 anyway.

    I like how though they don't tackle the issue in the first place, that being in the PS3 itself, there was reason why it was "hacked" so to say, should employ more security analysts and stuff. Anti-Piracy groups or whatever it is means NOTHING when the system is already compromised.
  10. jonesman99

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    They are going about this whole situation all wrong.

    The only thing Sony should be doing to rectify or at least slow down the effect of piracy on the PS3 is to give their customers back OtherOS. It doesnt have to be preinstalled on future consoles or next batch of PS3s, but at least put it in the form of downloadable content on PSN, like what they did with the PS2. That way, the people that want it for homebrew, can download it for free (cause technically they already paid for it because they bought it with the console, originally), and use it for HOMEBREW.
  11. shakirmoledina

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    if one were to look forward and speculate what could happen in the future, what would it be? is it tht sony finally win or block homebrew or otherwise piracy?
    or is it tht sony will win partly but homebrew will remain?
    or that homebrew will exist but in a hidden way and piracy will be dealt with harshly? its kinda a very strange thing tht we see so many measures in place for AP... they even beat ubi for this
  12. Maedhros

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    Nov 26, 2008
    The second option. Because devices for this purpose will remain to exist. The worst thing that could happen is that we woldn't see as many hacks on consoles and portables anymore.
  13. nando

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    Jan 1, 2008
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    that could be a superhero comic...

    Sony AP-Team *dramatic voice* 'the AP, stands for ANTI-PIRACY!'

    buy today to get your special sony ps3 secret decoder! oh wait, that's been leaked already.
  14. Sausage Head

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    Oct 28, 2010
    alanjohn check ur pm
    Does Sony really want customers so bad?

    They are just fucking with their name.
  15. dib

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    How about Aaron Barr? I bet he's interested in a new line of work, and would fit perfectly with Sony.
  16. Memoir

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    Somewhere, over there!
    Hire GeoHot ;D
  17. Oveneise

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    I don't like piracy. It doesn't help anybody. I, surprisingly, approve of what they are doing.
  18. ImpulsE69

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    Mar 15, 2008
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    The Pits Of Hades

    Because there's no money in it [​IMG]
  19. DeadLocked

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    Aug 18, 2008
    Good I'm glad.
    Rather to have game developers onboard than for them to all flee like the PSP devs just for a few free games.
  20. chrisrlink

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    if sony wins this i might as well chuck my 80 gig ps3 at the main CEO'S head