WIP Sonic Robo Blast 2 Switch port

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    Sep 18, 2018
    Yes, I put all the data (first I tried using only the ones the "readme" says and after that all the files) but I never checked out the log.txt or srb2log.txt, I'm going to check later at my home.

    I read all the messages, I'm going to test the "SwitchBru" builds and hope it works, but just in case, can any of you lend me an older build?

    Edit: Ok, I just checked the log.txt. Don't see any error there

    Compiled for SDL version: 2.0.8
    Linked with SDL version: 2.0.8
    Setting up SRB2...
    Looking for WADs in: SRB2WADDIR,.
    Z_Init(): Init zone memory allocation daemon.
    System memory: 48MB - Free: 48MB
    W_InitMultipleFiles(): Adding IWAD and main PWADs.
    Added file sdmc:/switch/srb2//srb2.srb (6214 lumps)
    Loading main config from sdmc:/switch/srb2//srb2.srb
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