Sonic Generations 3DS - Time Attack records!

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    Nov 2, 2012
    Hi guys! :D

    I want to brag a little hehe :P
    I Just break the world record in Sonic generations for 3DS in Special Stage one.
    I got 00:50:11 time and that put's me in TOP 5 list on the first place :D
    It's The first time i got World record ^_^

    So these are pictures i just took of my game. My 3DS name is "Otaku" :)

    xD :D



    It would be nice to see someone with better record in this or other stages,
    and post your results and Tips & Tricks here if you like,
    so we can hang out and talk about Sonic and all :)

    Good Luck! ^w^

    OH! and my Friend Code is: 2509-1468-4202 PM me if you add me :)