Some questions about NTR

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    first things first. my system is a N3DS with A9LH and Luma system says i am on 11.3. Had 11.2 and just followed "the Guide"

    I am planing to install NTR, but i'm a litle confused.
    Is NTR a CFW like luma ? or is this more like an Update to the existed firmware, if so is there any possible point two CFWs "collide" or somethink like that?
    Or is NTR more to handle like any other app. Like just install a cia and use it.
    If not is there something like an step by step tutorial ?

    If i use NTR do i still have all the benefits of luma?

    And is there any reason not to install NTR ? can it crashes my current system.

    Sorry if this all sounds too noobish but i really want to go save, I after installing this i going to have no internet for a few weeks and my 3ds will be my only entertainment in this time,
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    Using NTR will not interfere with Luma3DS, so go ahead, use it.