Some little questions before switching rxTools to Luma3DS

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    May 28, 2017
    Hello everybody

    I have some little questions about switching rxTools to Luma3DS:

    I have been using rxTools since a while, almost a year I think. Since I installed rxTools, I never made a system update on the emuNAND, I just kept it that way. Today, I just got interested again about the 3DS hacking scene and I just realized, that rxTools is dead by now, which means it is not supported anymore! I also read, that it would be good to switch from rxTools to Luma3DS, what I would like to do. Right now my SysNAND is sometimes spaming to do a System-Update, which means I really have to change on the Luma3DS, right ^^ ?

    I already read, what I have to do:

    Actually it would be very easy by just following this guide here: on SysNAND, like as if I would never hacked my 3DS, except that I have to restore the emuNAND into the new sysNAND CFW.

    That's actually it (as far as I understood it right.)

    But I still have little worries, which I want to clarify, before I am proceeding the guide above.

    I have some data on my sd card (please see appendix), which I don't know if it would make any conflict for the 3ds guide. For some data, I don't know what it is (sorry for that, it was long time ago ^^), and for some files I do know. In the 3ds guide, it mentions, that I have to download "The otherapp payload" and in my root folder of the sd card I have the file "ropbinpayload_menuhax_EUR11272_old3ds.bin". And since I have seen this, I don't know if the content of the sd card would make any trouble when switching to Luma3DS.

    Also in my "Nintendo 3DS" folder, there are three folders, which actually one is the emuNAND and the other one was I think from the old SD Card (probably my old EmuNAND or something like that) or trying to install Homebrew Launcher (HBL) (see additional information below) and one folder is "Private". And I don't know, if the guide above would make a conflict because of that.

    Some additional information:
    When I first got my old 3DS XL, the sysNAND version was (I think) 10.3. I downgraded it, then I installed rxTools + menuhax via browser, everything done by using this guide here: (The information, that it is outdated wasn't at that time when I first installed rxTools, so that's why I knew about Luma3DS right now ^^), then everything worked as expected.

    The sysNAND and emuNAND are not linked.

    After some time playing with my 2 GB SD Card by this time (which really wasn't a good idea I know >.>) I changed to a new SD Card which contains 32 GB.

    But before I have done this outdated guide, I first installed only Homebrew Launcher (since I was only interested playing some old school games), by using this guide here: .

    Still more to now about something?
    When I first installed HBL, I could access it by pressing L, when booting the system. After the rxTools installation, it doesn't work anymore (I guess this happend because I unlinked sysNAND and emuNAND). Right now I am always accessing emuNAND via web browser by visiting this:

    3DS-System information:

    3DS-device = old 3DS XL
    SysNAND: Ver. 9.0.0-20E
    emuNAND: RX-E 11.0.0-33E

    Now to my questions:
    • Can I start proceeding the 3DS guide (, without any worry or do I have to watch out for something? Could it be, that I just have to remove all files from the SD-Card, except the "Nintendo 3DS" folder without caring of the other files that I already have?
    • In the 3DS guide, there is this point mentioned in "Finalizing Setup": "Old 3DS and 2DS Only: The Old 3DS 11.2.0-35 otherapp payload for your region". Is this only used to install the version 11.2.0-35 and then I am going to update it to the newest version with Luma3DS Updater?
    • When Luma3DS is installed, then the sysNAND CFW is starting on every boot. I would like to have it like this, but is it actually safe? Can it brick for some reason ^^? I think the A9HL will take care about (still not sure what this A9HL is :/)
    • When I have successfully installed Luma3DS, can I also install DSi-Ware games, gba, etc. (not like in rxTools where I would have to install in sysNAND and emuNAND (just read about it, never used it ^^)? Is there still a way to access something like Homebrew Launcher to launch for example "mgba" or some other apps?

    I hope you understand my point and I apologize for the long thread and if this already has been answered in other threads.

    I am very looking forward for any answers and I hope I can just follow the guide without any problems, because I always have read that Luma3DS is very good and I also would like to experience that ^^

    If you still need more information, then please let me know about it!
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. sora10pls

    sora10pls GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 25, 2015
    1) Yes, by the end of it you will then be able to delete all files that don't pertain to B9S + Luma (basically all the useless files relating to your current rxTools setup).

    2) That's the payload used to load Homebrew Launcher; has no effect on your installation of B9S.

    3) Yes, it is safe. SysNAND CFW with B9S + Luma is JUST AS safe as EmuNAND CFW with B9S + Luma.

    4) Yes, and you will only need to install the CIAs to your one SysNAND; by the end of the guide, your EmuNAND data will have been moved to SysNAND, and you will have no EmuNAND. As for Homebrew Launcher, yes, you will be able to load it directly from HOME Menu.
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  3. FrostFusionHero

    FrostFusionHero Member

    May 28, 2017
    Hello sora10pls

    Thank you very much for your answer, that really helped ^^!
    It works as expected! The emuNAND is now on my sysNAND and the sysNAND is at the latest version ^^. I can access Luma3DS, the installed CIA files and GodMode9.
    I also could make the NAND backups, it worked everything well.

    But I still have one little thing:

    On my rxTools emuNAND, I had the "Title Manager" for installing CIA files (which took the place of the "H&S"). Right now, even when I restored H&S, the Title Manager is still here, instead of the H&S.
    I already removed every files which is not needed (shown in the tutorial). So I guess, when I would start "Title Manager", a black screen or even worse would appear :S.
    Is there a way to restore H&S, how it should be? Or is there just the Title Manager image + the corresponding music?

    And in the "Nintendo 3DS" on my SD Card there are still 3 folders (1 was the emuNAND / is the current sysNAND, 1 is something ^^' (same name structure like the sysNAND folder and it has only 11.5 MB), and a private folder). Do you mean I can delete the 11.5 MB folder?

    And well, everything works! Now I just can install CIA files with the FBI app and access the Homebrew Launcher through the app (how I always wanted to have like this ^^)

    Again, thank you very much and I hope you can help me with the other little problem ^^
  4. sora10pls

    sora10pls GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 25, 2015
    To restore H&S, do the following
    - Open FBI
    - Go to "Titles"
    - Find Health & Safety
    - Press (A) and delete Title
    - When it's done, power down the device
    - Power the device back on
    - Do a System Update

    The System Update will only install H&S.

    Yes, you can delete the 11.5MB folder. That was your previous SysNAND and is now unused entirely. You can keep the "Private" folder.
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  5. FrostFusionHero

    FrostFusionHero Member

    May 28, 2017

    Hello sora10pls

    Thanks for your reply.
    It works ^^ ! The Title Manager has been removed successfully and through the update, the Health & Safety is back.
    And removing the unused SysNAND, there happend no bricks, no problems, just more free space ^^

    Now I have it, how I wanted to have the 3DS.

    Thank you very much for your help!
    Due your help, I felt more on the safe side for processing the 3DS guide. Again thank you very much :D
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