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    Hi guys.

    I've been researching abit on the downgrading of 3DS/N3DS and there's a couple of questions i'm hoping someone can answer me.

    Now i know for a fact, that anything beyond 10.3 cannot be downgraded, so only 10.3 and below can be successfully downgraded to 9.2 which is the firmware to be at for homebrew options.

    I myself have an european n3ds (MH4 Edition) which comes with MH4 preinstalled (no card unfortunatly).

    1. When and if i decide to downgrade, will i still retain my game/saves and is it possible to create a backup of my current system in the case of failure or just in general backing it up?

    2. Is it at all possible to unlock regionlock on a 3ds/n3ds without downgrading?
    My friend and i just want to do this for MHX to be honest and are standbying to buy it with a whims notice.

    3. If downgraded, can i still play my MH4 game online with friends and beyond? Or will i need to manually update to latest CIA files in order to do this?
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    Nov 6, 2015
    1. I'm not sure about preinstalles games but it should still be there.
    2. Rxtools has cia any region and homebrew works on cards.
    3. Set up a emunand and update it and you can play online fine
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