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    May 5, 2010
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    Well guys i'm new in the forum and have a question about my hardmoded's maybe a noob question but i want some answer from ppl who have this before...the case was my harmoded wii with wiikey works very fine, i have a few games at moment and Mario Galaxy give some choppy in the cutscene where bowser atacks peache's castle, and dragon quest swords too give some choppys in the cutscenes... they work fine in the gameplay this problem it's just in the cutscenes, i have zelda TP and silent hill shattered memories and they have no problems with the cutscenes, well this problem can be of the games, the modchip or it's my wii?...thanks for the ones who answer my question [​IMG]
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    i think most if not all back up games on disc are that way with cutscenes the best solution to run back up games with the cutscenes playing fine are to use USB loading.
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    Burnt discs only read at x3 speed instead of x6 from memory. It's too slow for some cut scenes. USB Hard drive loading is much nicer, I recommend upgrading to it [​IMG]
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    Do you have a WiiKey1/2 or a WiiKey Fusion?

    The latter reads at 3x, and that would explain the slow downs.

    By the way, be sure to use quality media, like Verbatim.
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    My drivekey does the same with a few games, Mario galaxy and brawl are the worst.///// but only on the cutscenes.
    It doesnt really affect any game play but I went to usb loading recently and now they ALL play at full speed, I would highly recommend getting a usb drive instead of wasting money on dvd's
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    USB is the only way to go now.