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    Feb 19, 2017
    Hi there i think this is the right section, excuse me if its not.

    So i got a Old3DS in Ver. 6.2 i did a NAND Backup but i want to know if i can revert changes done on the NAND.

    I already read this thread : and that was very helpfull.

    But i still remaing the same questions :
    Can i revert everything back later? (Use the 3ds without SD Card again)
    It is only install RxTools to have emuNand?
    How do i know what NAND i´m using?

    Thank you for you time :)
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    Dec 1, 2002
    Yes, wrong section. You'll get more help in the Custom Firmware section where this belongs.

    Yes, restoring your NAND backup will revert all changes made.

    The recommended setup these days is using the a9lh hacking method to run the Custom Firmware Luma3DS.

    rxTools is no longer supported, and therefore won't work with the latest system version. An emuNAND is no longer needed, but if you insist on using emuNAND Luma allows you to do so.

    The only guide you should be following is, follow every single step exactly.

    If you get stuck or have any questions please visit the Custom Firmware section and we'll help you as best we can.