"Soft" part on touch screen?

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by caribou007, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. caribou007

    caribou007 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 19, 2010
    Lake Ontario
    Does anyone else have one area of their DS Lite screen feel like it's slightly lifted? When tapping one side, it feels hard, but the other side can be pushed down a fraction of a millimeter, until it makes contact with the hard part. Mine is brand new. I'm a bit disappointed. I installed a Zagg Invisibleshield screen protector and removed it a week later. I removed it carefully, but it was still really stuck on there and I think it might have stretched the built-in screen protector layer of the touch screen. I'd feel a bit better if I knew that the console just came this way from the factory and it wasn't the Zagg screenprotector that damaged it.
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    The screen is not capacitive - it's resistive. The LCD itself is covered with a soft film of the touch screen (see e.g image) - once the two connect, the screen registers where exactly using a grid made of conductive material. It's not weird for it to be slightly unevenly placed, what matters is its calibration in reference to the screen itself.


    With your screen, it's entirely possible that it was slightly stretched or uneven brand-new, it's equally possible that you stretched it or caused it to move, but in both cases it doesn't really matter all that much if it's not something visible to the naked eye and does not influence the readout in that particular area of the scren.
  3. Whipple

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    Some screen protectors are designed to be removed after they have served their usefulness while others are intended to be permanent.
    Sounds like you may have caused some separation in the touch screen itself, but they are fairly inexpensive and relatively easy to replace.
    However, if your screen is responding properly, then I would just leave it alone and learn to live with it. There is always a chance of doing real
    damage to your DSL anytime you take it apart and they aren't made anymore.

    FYI - I have sucessfully used the product GooGone to remove a scratched permanent protector but it wasn't easy. I used a pin to lift a corner (not recommended
    but the best I could do) and then swap a little GooGone in the crack where it was still attached. Wait 15 min for the GooGone to take effect, then lift it another millimeter
    or two. It took the better part of a day and was a slow and tedious process but I was successful in removing the old screen protector without damage.

    Many here like the Hori brand screen protectors but they can be difficult to come by.

    Just curious, why did you remove your Zagg InvibleShield? I heard they were pretty good.
  4. caribou007

    caribou007 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 19, 2010
    Lake Ontario
    Thanks for the incredible information you two. I had a hope that the screen protector itself, the one I installed after removing the Zagg, was causing the problem. When I installed it, I placed it edge down, then aligned two sides, and layed it down by gradually, gently pushing down from the edge across to the opposite edge. I suspected, hoped, that the pressure of pushing it down had created a tightness on the one side, and a soft, looseness on the other which I had inadvertently spread the soft, pliable built-in screen protector to. I removed the screen protector, (which was an expensive to acquire genuine Hori), and it seems that the problem has been removed with it. After a little while to relax it's fibers, the screen seems to be uniform across the majority of it's surface, with only a little bit of tightness, seemingly uniformly spread around all four edges. It's a huge relief because I'm a pussy that needs his little golden gameboy to be perfect. XD Colours! does seem to draw much better without a screen protector.

    Now, I have one set of screen protectors left. A rare set. A set that, last time I checked, is nearly impossibru to get at a reasonable price, if at all.

    Capdase. The one that's better than Hori. (Trust me, I researched this. The consensus is Capdase is the best. I was planning on saving the best for last, for 20 years from now).

    Capdase made three types, I don't have the three types on hand, but there were three. Different glare surfaces and the like.

    This one is anti-glare on the top, anti-smudge on the bottom. It's actually made for the Phat, but the Lite has the same size screens.

    Now, I'm not so sure I want to give up the sensitivity/confident I can install it without having the same problem repeat itself.

    If you're careful, will the screen still eventually scratch when playing Trauma Center, etc? Or will it not scratch, as long as you're careful and don't let any one area (heat up from friction)?


    The Capdase is .. for sale. Sortof. Make me an offer. :)

    and thanks again for the information. I love GBATemp!

    P.S: Yes the Zagg Invisibleshield is really, really nice to protect the case, but I think the Bestshieldever is probably just as good, just with a few less pieces. Invisibleshields on Amazon.com really dropped in price from a year and a half ago too. For under $10 I'd say pick one up if you want to keep the DS scuff and scratch free, give it a nice rubbery gloss and grip, and prevent fingerprint being visible. However, their screen protectors are garbage, and peeling it off was stressful, it's really stuck on there! Unlike real screen protectors which are kindof stiff. The Zagg is the same gummy material as the rest of it, the stylus doesn't slide easily on it, it has a soft gummy feel, and it's slightly yellow (and I hear it gets more yellow with time). Installing it requires the use of liquid, on your screen (!), and I'd say is more likely to result in captures dust particles. The worst part is the uninstallation. Oh, and they explicitely assured me that it could be removed without damaging the DS, even after 20 years (yes, I specifically asked them about a 20 year timeframe). "Stretching" the truth at best, lying or incompetent at worst.
  5. no_chocobo

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    My original launch DS has quite a bit of a gap between the two layers of the screen. I've installed/removed 3 or 4 screen protectors on it, and now that I'm reading this thread, I bet I stretched out the top layer a bit. Right now its stretched to the point where the touch screen is totally out of calibration and will not calibrate anymore :(
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