So, there's nothing to do with a DSVision alone?

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    Hi everyone.

    I just received my DSVision Adapter Package from japan:


    This only contain the DSVision itself (no MicroSD or MicroSD Adapter) so that's why it's cheap.

    And then I discovered that the software/Card don't want to read third party microSD card (real from kingston or fake) (it even don't want to format them!! nothing happen).

    And if you insert the card inside:

    So now I'm stuck unless a group try to find the protection behind this. [​IMG]

    Anyway, the card itself is really well made, the microSD fit perfectly, so this is a cool piece of collection (for your museum of horror ^^).

    I'll maybe try next to buy one of the DSVision pokemon movie when I'll got the cash for it (this way I'll get the infamous microSD missing from this package).

    I really hope some person will try to do something with this protection... (like creating a formatter which format like nintendo does when they sale those microSD cards).

    EDIT: The software itself is composed of two main files: DSvisionDL.exe and SDDetector.dll i believe that sddetector is the one who check if the MicroSD is legit.
    There's also a setting file called "programSetting.xml" you can edit it, (like redirecting the built in webbrowser to another website (I had fun redirecting it to google or a infamous shock site ^^).
    Other information: The exe and dll are not encrypted so you can easily modify the text string in it, i'm right now trying to translate the software in english as much as possible.
    EDIT2: That's what i thought, no crc check apparently on the software, I've began to translate it for fun (it will be hard to extract the picture, translate them and re-inject them...).