So my Mom updated my Wii...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kama, Jul 24, 2009.

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    For roughly a year now I've had Homebrew Channel and Starfall, as well as any VC/WiiWare games I installed. While I was away, my mom updated the Wii. When I got back, I turned on the Wii and I saw that

    nothing happened that I could see, except I got the option to play VC games from the SD card. My HBC still works fine. VC games work fine. Everything works and nothing is lost. (I last legitimately updated my Wii when I had 3.4. Then, I downgraded it to 3.2 when I finally got HBC.) However, I do have a few questions:

    Would Starfall that I already had on my Wii still work?

    Would I have lost anything else?

    Should I downgrade back to 3.2?
    If so, would I lose all update features that I currently have?
    Also, I heard that Nintendo put in a new User Agreement a while back saying that they can update your Wii without your consent. If I downgraded, would my Wii still be following that new agreement?

    Thank you
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    No expert, but I think trucha would be lost. I don´t think starfall will work anymore, but start patch 4.1 might.

    Wait for more informed people to answer, but I would say yes, downgrade, and if you want to "re-upgrade" use waninkoko´s updater.
  3. Deviyl

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    Starfall is obsolete. Get with the times.

    4.1 is a perfectly fine SM to have upgraded to. Take a look at this guide and get your Wii running with the latest hacks.
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    Starfall may be outdated, but is hardly obsolete. You system menu choice really should depend on what you use it for.

    Even with the advances of SM 4+, i chose to stay at 3.2 with no issues due to the fact of only using discs and not usb.

    I understand you would like people to recognize you for your efforts in making a "guide", but you should be honest

    and as thorough as possible about all sides of every point.
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    Starfall is for 3.2 only, it is very useful for those of us on 3.2. For you, it got overwritten when 4.x was installed. You also lost your trucha bugged ios's. You may need to restore that to get some of your wad installing functionality back. There are many 4.x how to guides, if you want to play backups or use the usb loader follow one. I would also install bootMii as boot2 and backup your nand for brick protections, since starfall is gone.
  6. pm_41

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    Just install Preloader on 4.1. [​IMG]
  7. Alex Finlay

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    Jun 27, 2009
    Preloader needs Trucha bug, Just use one of the common Trucha bug installers and its like you never upgraded. Also if you really want to downgrade their is a Application that can install any Iso from the nintendo servers so in theory you could use that program to get all benifits from a 4.1 wii to a 3.2 one, However i currently have a 3.2 wii, that i updated to 4.1 with waninkoko's upgrader, Has every single thing the same as a 3.2 accept starfall in which isn't a big loss. Or as i previously stated just use a Trucha bug installer.

    I did right some otherr stuff but my wii Reloaded the page and i can't be asked to retype it with my wireless keyboard, Basicly Deviyl you stuipid lol.

    Also you may need the trucha bug for preloader im 50% sure i know it recouires it but im not sure you need it first to install it or it install it.

    Also to re-answer some of your questions here you go

    - You would loose all your updates

    - Yes nintendo could automaticly update you but i heard from a fairy that they can't currently code the servers for it to do so.

    -The agreement is a tricky one, 50% of me says yes because you have updated once meaning it will be in their hystery *assuming they keep one of who updates etr*
    50% of me says no as you have downgraded meaning anything in that firmware would be gone inclouding updated information about agreements.