So... I'm wanting a iQue player...


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Dec 7, 2013
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Hello everyone!
A long time I heard about iQue player and get very interested about that, not only the player but the controller... but I still have some questions.
I saw that it have a way to buy his games by computer, getting on the memory card via USb, but they say the iQue site don't have the program to download anymore, there are a way to get it but that don't work on win7 (the one I use here :v) but, There are any way to send roms to it? not only the iQue original translations, but to play another n64 game in another language?or another way to buy them?
Other thing I saw is that is possible to use the original n64 controller on iQue and that you can use the iQue and their controllers on n64, and that don't even need to buy the family package for that, is that I can do with basic electronic knowledge? (I didn't find an tutorial for that btw ...)
If possible, my plan is to use it like an portable n64 emulator to go here and there and play with the guys :v but if not all, I want as collection at least xD

Other thing is the price .. I saw in Ebay it's very over priced, some users from China told that it's cheap there , around 15 Usd, someone know where I could get one for a good price or could hep me to get one?
Thanks for the attention!

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