So I think I might be screwed here

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    So I was able to downgrade my N3DS my 10.3 to 9.2, successfully updated my emunand to 9.5, patched NVER and was able to fix the NNID error that prevents logging in. I was able to play a couple of games for a bit, however I noticed that despite doing the NNID fix, the eShop was getting stuck with a spinning dial, never continuing the link in process.

    Someone suggested that the dbs were causing the issue so I took the emuNAND's dbs folder out and ran eShop through HANS. It was able to actually complete the link-in and I got into the store page. I turned off my n3ds and readded the dbs folder to the Emunand's folder.


    So now here's the issue: All of my games and custom cia installs are now giftwrapped black boxes with no names/companies. Starting one will throw an error saying "The SD card was removed" despite that not being even close.

    I tried to do a emuNAND restore but that didn't fix the issue. I think I might be screwed here. It's not like I can just reinstall those games/cia either, FBI is one of the giftwrapped black boxes as well.

    If anyone has any ideas at all on how I could turn this around and fix it, I would really appreciate it!

    EDIT: This turned out to be user error after all. Examining my emuNAND's directory revealed that the title directory was completely nuked. Nothing was inside. That means the DBS files are valid but just pointing to invalid information after all. I readded the files from a backup and the games work. They were giftwrapped as well but they all remembered their save files. What a relief.
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