So I got two Wii games today.

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    So I got Mario Kart Wii today. Mario Kart Wii, by the way, is awesome. The only down side about it is the bikes, I think they're horrible and should have never been included in the first place, but oh well. NWFC was very fast to get other players and apart from waiting an extra second or two for the countdown lights, every race I had (I had 4) were all lag free. All 4 were Worldwide, and I had faced British and French players, and there were 2-12 players in the 4 matches.

    Drifting doesn't feel nerfed, it feels like the DS version when breaking, but more realistic. You can't just keep going side to side all the time and get more boost, which I prefer. MKDS got too focused on Snaking and not on the actual racing, where as this puts the focus back on the racing. I'll probably write a review later or something.

    Anyway, when I went into GAME to pick up MKW I noticed there was some sort of Promotional offer on. I was hoping it was for a cheaper Wii Remote or something, but it was better then that. It turned out, it was for Sega Superstar Tennis! The deal was that when I bought MKW, I got Sega Tennis for the small price of £20! Now, I wanted to get this game but refused to pay £40 for it, it wasn't that much of an essential. However, for £20, and considering it was a get-now-or-get-never situation, how could I refuse?

    Then I realised my sister would want to play MKW too, so I ended up getting an extra Wii Wheel. All in all, I ended up spending £60 [​IMG] Oh well!
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    n1 lol i see the wii wheel is doing well [​IMG]
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    isn't sega tennis supposed to be pretty bad?
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    i'm here....silly.
    oh good i'm glad to see i wasn't the only one who got suckered into getting this deal (mario karts and get sega tennis for £20)
    now i only need to find the right steering wheel from dx [​IMG] [​IMG]