1. Cuelhu

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    May 19, 2010
    Hi people,
    I was playing FFVI (III) on my SNES Classic for some time, like one hour a day and always saved in game ignoring the save state from the main menu. Everything was fine until I had to take care of my friend's cat at his house (he is sick) and didn't have much time to play, then my SNES was shut down for a week or so.
    Today I've tried to play the game and the save was gone, had to start over.


    Saved in game and the save is gone. Never used save states. Can't I use in game saves? Why was it working and then just wiped my save?

    Just loaded the game save (got it via FTP) on Snes9x and it worked, gonna try one more time.

    Game save loaded OK this time.
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