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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Jademalo, Feb 10, 2014.

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    May 23, 2007
    I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I've run out of solutions that I can think of.

    I have just installed SNEEK on my Wii, and given myself a clean NAND to work with based on a backup of my Wii before I edited any system files at all aside from BootMii+HBC. Immediately I discovered that the HBC ceased to function, and so I had to use either Homebrew Filter or postloader.
    After installing both of these, I discovered a further problem - I'm unable to run apps from USB, and with SNEEK running I'm unable to run them from SD either.

    To start with, postloader flat out never detected any configuration no matter which device it was actually on. In addition, it did more than I needed, I just wanted a simple app launcher and I would then use USBGX to actually launch games.

    On my USB, everything is formatted correctly and works flawlessly on vWii. There is a Fat32 partition with an apps folder, a games folder for gamecube with devolution and an NTFS partition for wii games. Plugging this into my WiiU, it works a treat. HBC can load the apps if I remove the SD card for a second, and my USBGX forwarder loads the app from USB then mounts and loads everything correctly. I am certain there is no issue with this configuration.

    However, on SNEEK, if my NAND is on the SD card then I am totally unable to load any apps. No launchers detect the USB, and the SD card is locked so nothing is found.
    I then moved my NAND over to the USB, moved the apps over to SD (But not USBGX's config) and switched to UNEEK. With this setup, I was able to load apps off the SD card no problem. USBGX launched with ease (With config + games on USB), and everything I tried worked a treat. I then moved just the apps back to USB, and they were not loaded once more.

    I then installed USBGX's forwarder to the nand, and confirmed that worked with the previous setup the same, loading the app from the SD card with config on the USB.

    I then moved the NAND back to the SD card, switched back to SNEEK, and moved the apps onto USB. Once again apps didn't load. However, I was able to load USBGX from USB with the config also from USB. It was a short lived victory though, as USBGX then failed entirely to mount the HDD after loading and I didn't have any access to any games.
    It seems that for whatever reason when I'm running SNEEK off the SD card neither the SD nor my USB drive are recognised and neither can load apps. (For the most part - Using the GX launcher was the exception as stated.)
    However, if I'm running UNEEK off the USB drive, then USBGX is able to mount it as well as the SD card working fine to launch apps.

    The big issue arises however in my usage of the USB drive. I cannot keep SNEEK on there permanently, nor can I keep the apps on the SD card. My family use the Wii for the most part, with myself using my WiiU. I'm hoping to be able to leave the SD in the Wii for SNEEK 100% of the time (So as not to touch the actual NAND - It's solely bootmii on boot2), and take the drive over whenever we wish to play something on there. In theory this should be fine - pure USB loading on vWii works a treat with the drives current configuration, using the exact same USBGX config files and apps. However, the USB drive is simply not loaded by anything no matter what I do.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This has been driving me mental for a good day now, and I've run out of things to read and apps to try. None of the 3 main app loaders seem to work.
    The SNEEK NAND is 4.3E with d2x cIOS v10 in 249(56),250(57),251(58). The softmod made no difference to the ability to load apps from USB, just to clarify.

    Thanks in advance, I'd love to get this sorted and have an incredibly smooth system that's easily transferable. (Not including save data, but that's not relevant at present)
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