1. UltraSUPRA

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    May 4, 2018
    United States
    I'd consider myself an SMT fan, but only technically.
    I played Persona 5 on PS4. When Persona 4 Golden came out on PC, I started playing it.
    I loved P5, and I've been enjoying my time with P4G. But I feel like it's time to play a mainline game.
    Of course, my first thought was Nocturne. It's always cheap, everyone recommends it as a starting point, and it's on the PS2. However, I'd rather get the HD remaster when it comes out.
    The second most recommended option is SMT4 for the 3DS. That sounded like a good idea, until I looked it up on Price Charting.
    It listed the game at $50.62 for a loose copy, which is far more than I'd ever pay for a game on a system where new games are never more than forty bucks.
    In fact, the only two games that are under $40, SJR and Record Breaker, are remakes of DS games that you could already play for a cheaper price.
    Are these prices only so high because of the recent announcements of the Nocturne remaster and a release window for SMT5? Does the Japanese version of SMT4 have an option for the English translation and dub? If both answers are "no", I'll just play Jack Bros..
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  2. lone_wolf323

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    May 27, 2011
    The answer is rather easy. If you dont like the price they set for their games, there is always a cheaper option out there.Take what ya want and just enjoy it.
  3. emvswan

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    Jul 24, 2020
    Oh my god I know exactly where you're coming from! Being on the hunt for complete physical copies past their prime is a wallet killer if I've ever seen one
    I'm pretty sure the prices are so high because smt4 is more of a rare game (compared to others) and its liked by a lot of people.

    I hate doing it personally, but if you can get past not owning a physical copy of smt4, I'd say a digital copy is your best option. :yay:
    Although you might want to act fast, I think the eshop is set to close some, if not all of its services in the nearby future.
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