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Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by TwinRetro, Sep 24, 2009.

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    I just recently ordered a PSP 1000 (red) faceplate from and here is my review
    • Build Quality
      Okay. The build quality was alright. The texture was matte instead of gloss, like the original OEM faceplate, making it a godsend for people who hate fingerprints. The plastic was just a tiny bit thinner than the original, and there was bleed through with the LEDs (meaning it shone through the plastic instead of the LED hole.) The only thing that struck me as extremely cheap, was the actual "screen" part looked like it was just tack welded on the inside, with only six points of welding. (corners and top and bottom of screen)
    • Color
      The color was a bit disappointing. It wasn't as deep as I would like, It was supposed to be a cherry red, but instead it was more like a candy apple red. No big deal overall.
    • Overall Fit
      This is the worst category of them all, and ultimately where the faceplate failed. After I had gotten everything tightened and in the right place, everything LOOKED like it fit, but, first of all, the square button didn't register. The Analog stick drifted BADLY, the shoulder buttons did not work at all, they were stuck and did not press down at all.
    • Extras
      The extras were the best part of the deal, as I got two sets of good buttons, good as in quality. Not so much in design. The design has much to be desired, but on the up side, it fixed my sticking square button.
    The bottom line is, unless you know the right spots to file or add on to, dont get this faceplate. I chucked mine in the trash.
  2. mucus

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    Feb 11, 2009
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    oh thank you!
    i was thinking of getting some new plates for my psp, and thinking about which brand would be the best.
    there's a bajillion out there.

    glad i know at least one to avoid!
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    No pictures?
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