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    Nov 21, 2005
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    A couple of days back smealum, or smea if you join us on IRC, released a photo of a hacked 3ds running arbitrary code, owing to a bad camera and resulting bad photo we saw several calls of "fake" and whatever else but now we have a video too. Many of you may not know him but he has been around for quite a while, has coded many great GBA and DS homebrew programs (including some that push the DS hardware harder than a lot of people before him), has won one of the 2011 homebrew bounty prizes and is generally a friend of GBAtemp so we are not inclined to doubt him. Various people have claimed to have hacked the 3ds before and the gateway people might technically be doing it but not in a way that anybody that is not them can use right now so this is something new.
    Info is a bit thin on the ground right now other than to say a release is probably not going to happen any time soon owing to a lack of libraries and hardware info making such a thing only useful to a select few.

    Discussion thread, it is not a thread we are especially proud of but there is some good discussion in there, including a few comments from Smealum himself.

    Here on GBAtemp we are a great fan of hacks and hacking so we offer our congratulations to Smealum on seemingly succeeding in hacking the 3ds.

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