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  1. andrijan

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Hey there,

    Just a quick question, when using the Classic Controller, how do I perform a final smash? (I know about the item, I'm just talking about the controls)

    And I also know about the faq page in but as you can see the smash button (That is the button that is used for the final smash isn't it?) is the analog stick, but is it the left one or the right one and how do you use it? (Since it can't be pressed and the only other thing it does is move and jump and I can't believe that the same controls are used for movement and the final smash)


    And another thing, does the Smash button do anything other than the final smash?

    Ohh yeah, the final thing, what does Taunt do?

    Thanks in advance and I hope this thread isn't too much of a pain because of all the other Smash Bros threads...
  2. Alfangus

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    Feb 1, 2008
    The final smash is actually activated by pressing the Special button (b on the Classic Controller)

    The "button" that is assigned to smash in the picture you posted is the right analog stick, meaning it will function like the C-stick in Melee, with up being and upsmash, down a downsmash and left and right for smashes in thsoe directions. You can map other things to smash, like the d-pad, and It'll function in the same way.

    Taunts are just poses that your character can do, generally you would use them when you killed someone else, like showing off.