Small, strange, problem with two games and three DS's

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    1# OK, so me and my friend both lord of the rings conquests and would like to play it together through multi-card play,
    he has a NDSi with R4i King, and I have a NDSL with TTDS (firmware 17).
    No matter what mode we select, just before we get to choose our characters the game gets a comm. error.

    2# So I've got transformers outobots (the first one) on my TT card and it works perfectly, the brother of the guy I
    mentioned earlier also wants it (he has exactly the same kind of DS and the same kind of card), so I give it to him
    and it works fine, but when I give it to the guy I was busy with before transformers it gives an error code (4? I forgot
    wich number).
    Also, on his DS the mini icon of the the game is that of Prince Of Persia or something.

    Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance!