Skylanders Giants Skystones

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by NeoSupaMario, Jan 16, 2013.

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    For those of you who've played Skylanders Giants, you probably know about the Skystones mini game that comes up throughout your adventure. Personally, I found it somewhat fun and interesting. So I am wondering: is there a board game/iPhone game that is similar to (if not exactly like) it? Also, how many of you liked Skystones and hope they make it into an app/board game/TCG?
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    Its almost exactly like the card game from Final Fantasy 8...or 9. Can't remember, but those two are very similar to each other and Skystones.
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    Looks like a really dumbed down version of Triple Triad (FF8).
    No idea if that has any apps or anything either though. Triple Triad has physical cards >.> they're like $500 for a set, haha. /has a set.