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    Nov 18, 2010

    I've tried to google this but I don't seem to be able to come up with anything similar. I recently had to switch SD cards on my Sky3ds. I was using a 32GB Samsung that was freezing my games at random loading points, so I bought an 8GB Sandisk. I passed the 3 most important games I had on the 32GB and no problem, saves were kept and everything... I didn't notice it at first and it only became a real problem now... If I add a 4th game on the card, it just keeps cycling through the other 3. I tried to add Final Fantasy Explorers, EUR as the region from my console, I updated the template, twice to be sure, etc, yet, when I cycle through the games it only shows me 3.

    Before when I tried to add a game from a different region, or if I tried to add a game that has the new AP that only works with the orange version, the Sky3ds would still cycle through that game, only it would show an empty square instead of skipping it entirely. Right now it keeps showing only those 3 games, even if I add games I backed up from the 32GB card...

    Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I thinks is because Final Fantasy Explorer have AP check, well some said it doesn't but I not sure.
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