Sky3DS+ and Private Header Questions

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    Hi GBAtemp, I had used R4 for regular DS previously and am considering purchasing Sky3DS+ for my 3DS. I would like to ask for your advice and some suggestions regarding the product and private headers.

    1. I'm considering buying from this site: which seems to be one of the biggest official resellers of Sky3DS and it has good reviews as well as private ROM website for downloads. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

    2. I have read and watched threads in the following regarding private headers but I'm stuck a little bit and don't want to mess up the settings right from the beginning:

    - Sky3ds+ and private headers.:

    - Sky3DS + Private Header help?:

    - Sky3DS+: Official GBAtemp Review:

    - How to play online on sky3ds+:

    So, do these mean that 1) I first load Sky3DS+ on 3DS and the system will create "settings.txt" 2) I add the line "CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1" and save 3) load the games I want to play online so the system will generate "xxx.cfg" files 4) Open "xxx.cfg" and paste private headers after "GAMESAVE_KEY="

    My question is that where do I get the "xxx.bin" file that people speak of and which hex value is my private header? And do I replace the value after "CART_ID=" as well, because some people seem to say that replacing it with private headers is better?

    Thank you very much for your help and advice in advance! =)
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