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    Please disregard the title error. I'm having computer issues.
    "Should this site be trusted...?"

    Hello. I plan on making a few purchases from a website I find kinda sketchy.
    Here is the link to the site along with the 2 items I want:
    Item 1:
    Item 2:
    I cannot find these unique items anyplace else, but I also can't find a review or anything based on this site. I've been Googling some stuff up based on this site. All I found is that the site owner or the server itself is in Sydney Australia, the site is 45 years old ( o-0 ) It's ticket expires in 1-1-1970 (o.o) ...
    I need some help determining weather or not to buy from these people.
    Their " About Us":
    About Us
    This is the original Funkyfashion website that has been bringing you the latest trends in Gothic, Punk and Lolita fashion and accessories since 2000.

    Our mission is to seek out the latest and coolest trends from Asia and Europe and bring them to you in Australia. We are constantly on the look out for the best mix of freaky, cute, quirky and just plain awesome bags and accessories. You can always count on us to find the best gifts or just a cool bag for yourself. We have gothic bags and quirky accessories for the teens up to adults (who are forever young).
    If they have been up since 2000, how come I can't find anything based on their sales?
    I really really want these two items. But, how can I trust them...?
    All help is appreciated and thanks for those who are typing to help me out.
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