Shotty Cemu audio issue

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    Nov 6, 2017
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    I had cemu and wii u helper installed and would run 3d World from the desktop in 2k graphics and worked flawless. I had previously had my Botw file seperate and wanted to get it to run from the desktop like i had it from the wii u helper, so after changing the location of botw all my games ran like shit, files started duplicating and doubling up in gigs so I erased all data and reinstalled. Now that I set all directories and prepared 3d World for emulation because my little one wants to play except it runs shotty in 1080p hi res, but the audio. The audio sounds so terrible. Idk what I could have done wrong. Has anyone had this issue happen to them after moving files around? If so, did you just delete everything and just reinstalled again and again? Thanks in adv., much appreciation.