Sharing full memory card backups between PSTV and Vita

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by HarmfulMushroom, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Apr 11, 2016
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    I just recently bought one of the Metal Slime vitas before they go up any higher in price. To help cover the cost of the console I'm looking to sell my other Vita 1000 series, (stating this as a fact, not to intentionally advertise it). It's on the most recent firmware so obviously it can't do anything with the failmail exploit any longer directly on this console. That being said I've modified my consoles app.db many times on my 3.01 firmware Vita and 3.52 firmware PSTV. Just recently I saw a really good idea online where someone installs custom themes/bubbles on an exploitable Vita, does a full memory card backup and restores said backup to a console on a non exploitable firmware. I wanted to try this out to install custom themes and a VHBL bubble to help boost the sale price, but for some reason my Vita is not seeing the memory card backup that I made on my PSTV. Just sees nothing. When I made a test backup on my Vita to my computer it saw that one just fine, and obviously placing the backup files from the PSTV in the backup directory I made on my Vita resulted in an error. Tested on both a PS3 and PC running QCMA. Does anyone know if you just can't restore a PSTV backup to a Vita?

    Other things; yes the account my Vita and PSTV are activated with are the same, yes I am restoring the backup to and from the same exact memory card, just in a different console.

    Thanks in advanced for any/all ideas you all have!

    EDIT: mr. gas on Wololo cleared this issue up for me, there is no way to restore a backup made on a PSTV to a Vita. Safe assumption that vise versa is also the case.
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