Setup Issue. Enso? SD2Vita?

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    My issue probably the same as other thread.... "SOLVED"

    Read this first if that didnt help here my trail and error and what I resolve for myself.

    restarted pstv or vita "if you have the first gen vita do it first
    reinstall henkaku
    installed enso.vpk
    run enso "o" then "x" "I forgot this part on my first run"
    if no issue you should be on henkaku on every reboot.... now if you using sd2vita
    make the proper edit to your tai folder to use sd2vita
    with the file of course
    and reboot... "if done correctly without corrupt files it will start rebuilding the database from the microsd if you back it up to it"

    Possible issue that will come up
    losing vitashell and Moduleshell after installing enso while unable to reinstall unless force reinstall "vita1000 might glitch the memcard at this point if enso not installed afterward"
    ^If you have the 2nd gen vita or pstv you dont have to worry about formating the card as you can just reinstall moduleshell on to them and run enso but if you have the 1st gen like me.... and did the pstv first... I ended up formating the memcard. Lucky for me i had everything on my pstv usb and I should have a full backup of all the stuff install.
    gamesd.skprx might be bad and wont recognize the card inserted.

    So while enso installed fine and boot up with henkaku there is no vitashell or henkaku require stuff displayed. I am also using the gamesd that suppose to make the sd2vita as the ux0 but I never saw the card displayed. I might try the other file...

    i still have my real vita mem card
    that will load up all the henkaku stuff
    On the first installed of the sd2vita I didnt put the electric tape on it but I did after I took it out and put it back in to reseat it.


    ... try to test it on my vita now it dont reconzie the mem card.... well it see it but want to format it now.....
    I uninstalled enso on the pstv to test something and then it wanted to do the same thing as the vita now... but I fixed that by letting it load the internal mem of the pstv and reinstall the enso. Afterward it allow me to use the memcard once again....
    The issue still lied with the psvita now with the memcard.... I really dont want to format it unless I really have to and Im unable to install moduleshell without it apparently...

    Now to fix my PSVITA.... -_-" since it now dont recognize the memcard asking it to format and I cant install henkaku without it to get enso on.... AND now it fixed... formated the card so the vita can use it. Then installed Henkaku and enso apply the gamesd plugin and now it all work too.

    So both my adapter work and all adrenaline and ark work it seem too... notice adrenaline didnt show all the space
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