Setting up my Wii/GC Hard drive. Two questions

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    Feb 8, 2015
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    So I finally got around to backing up my entire library, which was quite the time-consuming feat. I have several disc drives laying around, all 500gb which should be enough for all my (probably 100+) games. My questions are:

    1) Can I use a USB to Sata adapter to use my disc drives? If so, what are some confirmed working ones?

    2) Can I have my GC and Wii backups on the same drive? If so, what must be done to my disc drives to do this? and will they work on the same backup loader or is there a separate gamecube one?

    all help is appreciated :)
  2. EmceeKerser

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    1) I don't think sata to use will be a problem. Keep in mind that the wii u maxes out at usb2
    2) read the many stickies and threads about this subject. NAmely the first thread on the board, titled 'nintendont'
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    1) I'm not aware of anything specifically, but I don't see any reason this would be a problem, as long as the drive has sufficient power. Keep in mind that most people either need to use a Y cable (takes both USB ports in the back) or have an externally powered USB Drive, because 1 usb port doesn't provide enough power.

    2) Yes, you can have them on the same drive. Your Wii games go in a wbfs folder while your GC games go in a "games" folder. Like the other poster said, read the stickies for more info on this. Nintendont (or Devolution, but nobody uses that anymore) is the backend for your Gamecube games, so you need to have the Nintendont app, but you can use another launcher to launch both Wii and GC games. I personally choose to use Wiiflow, but I imagine CFG USB Loader and USB Loader GX also have Nintendont compatibility by now. (These 3 loaders are by far the most popular.)