Selling 3ds on eBay , can i save my downloaded game and delete NNID?

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    Is there a way to sell and keep the game and delete my NNID onto a new 3DS? I want a New 3DS (the lastest one) but need to sell my old 3DS to fund it, Is there a way to sell this and delete the NNID? I have Mario land 3D version so it came preinstalled can i keep that on my new 3DS is i swap NNID onto it or format and redownload to help sell it with a game?

    Any clue, very confusing
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    Get a credit card and put N3DS on that > System Transfer > Pay off credit card with money from selling old 3DS. That's just how I would handle it at least. No credit card? Ask your parents to borrow their's and pay them back with the money from selling the old unit.

    As for your question, I think a system transfer is the only way. You can copy your SD contents or just take the whole SD card, but I don't think your new system will know what to do with the folder that's linked to your old unit's NAND when you swap them.