Sega Saturn - What games used the internal clock?

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    I noticed that the Sega Saturn had a real-time clock built in. This was very ahead of its time since neither the PS1 nor the Nintendo 64 had an RTC (the 64DD had one but it flopped and Animal Crossing 64 had an RTC built in) and this didn't become a standard feature until the 6th generation of consoles. Were there any games on the Saturn that used the system clock?

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  2. AmandaRose

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    Nights into Dreams and Christmas nights immediately spring to mind.
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  3. Zense

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    So far a google search has given me Nights into Dreams ,Christmas Nights and Sega Touring Racing.

    Nights and Christmas Nights give you different levels if they're played during Christmas holidays or something.

    Sega Touring Racing has days around the year where challenges as available.

    Interesting that no rpgs did. Didn't some snes rpgs have day/night cycles? Maybe I'm confusing the ds versions of DQs 4-6 and Harvest Moon.
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    I think Zense listed all the other ones. 5th Generation game consoles didn't really have RTC implemented.
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