Seems like data transfer between emunands is possibe.

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    Hello i have two 3ds. One of them has an ambassador status. Not so long ago i was asked to sell one
    (4.5.0-10E) along with gateway. And i decided to sell the one with ambassador. But i didn`t want to lose a ambassador status. I heard some news about inability to transfer between system since 2.02b but anyway went for a system transfer. So this is the part where something interesting happend. I updated emunand on both consoles to the latest version of fw, went to the settings and started system transfer. After the part where data and ambassador status from emunand ambassador 3ds transfered to emunand of 2nd 3ds, 2nd 3ds did a reboot and hanged. I did a power off. Then went to settings screen where the message appeared - I don`t remember what it was, i hit something and went back to menu. Then to the
    settings again to launch emunand. Went to eshop and... there were all of my "purchased games" in list - that was the part when i realized that system transfer was succesfull. So i ended up with two 3ds running an ambassador status and the same data, apparently. One with real nand and one with emu.. Wonder if that works with 3ds only eshop games because i don`t have any. That`s all i wanted to share with you.