Gaming Secret of Mana Remake 1.00 PSVita infinite loop at facing mana tree 2nd time


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Mar 8, 2009

I was playing the Secret of mana remake (v1.00) on my vita.
Somehow after leaving the Pure Land (and watching the cutscene at the mana tree) I was able to go to the vulcano island (Pure Land) again. So I gathered some items, and wanted to leave at the end, and saved (oh oh).
I think you should not be able to enter the Pure Land again (maybe this was fixed in the update), this is why the game chrashes when facing the mana tree again. And I cannot leave the area because I cannot call flammy. Autosave brings me to the mana tree (where I cannot leave). Regular save (I was stupid I saved at the last teleporter) brings me directly to the "teleport to mana tree" situation.

Updating the game did not help with this issue.

Is there a cheat plugin where I can activate "call flammy" ?
Is it possible to adjust the position in the regular save-file so I dont load directly into the the teleporter end cannot leave anymore?


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