Seasons and ages on the eshop?

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Nathan576, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Nathan576

    Nathan576 Advanced Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    United States
    Playing links awakening on my 3ds made me think of how much I love seasons and ages. Do you see it coming on the eshop anytime soon? Or is it looking like for nintendo to put a good game the has to be a good reason like with links awakening, otherwise they put trash on it it seems like.
  2. koji2009

    koji2009 GBAtemp Maniac

    Mar 13, 2009
    United States
    If it's anything like Wii's shop (which it is) they'll mostly be releasing early material first and just pepper in really good games from time to time so you don't forget about the service.

    They are trying to prevent overload. Customers only have a finite amount of money at any one time, if they release all the good things at once, customers won't be able to buy it all and they'll be more picky about what they choose.

    Besides that, if you have all the good games out at once, how will you be desperate enough to try some of the other crappier games they'll have available?

    Finally, if they did release all the good games at once and people couldn't buy them all at once, then they are likely to be overshadowed and completely forgotten.

    For example, if they released every Mario GB/C/A game on virtual console and you only had money for 2 of them, would you come back in a few months when you had the money for more? Or at that point would you just save up a little more and get the new 3DS mario game? Most people it'll be get the new shiny game versus the old cheapies.

    It's all about making money, Nintendo knows how to use marketting properly... the problem with it is that it's inconvenient for the customers who DO have the money for it all.
  3. Spidey_BR

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    Feb 1, 2008
    koji2009, I disagree with you. It's more important to have a IMMENSE HAPPY CONSUMER mass than have a HUGE CONSUMER mass. Wii sold millions of units, it's definitely a success. But there are many consumers that aren't gamers: they weren't gamers and they weren't converted by the Wii either. The Wii failed in introducing gaming to people, the Wii basically showed them that gaming is cool, now they go to Facebook, to smartphones and tablets for casual games. Home consoles aren't good for casual gaming, that is a fact. That's why Kinect and Move will never be a huge success, people buy it to experience it, but they don't make you a gamer, so you just don't play them anymore, after the first "it's cool" phase.

    That said, I think that Nintendo SHOULD make some kind of schedule, like releasing their entire collection of games from the NES era, then 6 months later release SNES games, then 6 months later the N64 games, etc. Or even release all games from the beginning. Those who don't know the games won't pay 4-6 dollars for a 20 years old game anyway. And those that know the games, they will buy all games they want anyway, whatever time it takes for them to beat 'em or to gather the money.

    Nintendo is trying to "fish" the money on our pockets with this FALSE scarcity of games. Gamers are ANXIOUS and WILLING to PAY to play the games they played 10 years ago or even earlier. Now that Link's Awakening was released, Zelda fans DEFINITELY would buy Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. But they can't. But they can Google for like, 3 minutes, and find these and many more games for FREE. It's illegal? Maybe. Maybe not. Many gamers even have those games, but they want them on their 3DS too. You see watch Ninty did with DSi Ware titles? You can transfer them to the 3DS. Why not make that too with Virtual Console titles bought on the Wii? What about games you physically own? Why not give them to you? Take a picture of your previous console games + your 3DS back (so they can read your 3DS serial number), send them to Nintendo and in like a month they'll let you get all those games on the eShop for free.

    I mean, the easy and fast way to make us CONSUMERS happy is just to lower their prices to something sensible. 1 dollar for NES games, 3 dollars for SNES games and 5 for N64 games. That's fair. Also lower 3DS games to 30 dollars, half of a current console game. And make manuals available thru the 3DS menu, just like you did with built-in and downloadable software.
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