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    I have returned once more! However I need some assistance. I've gotten the general gist of translating and hacking this game and most PSP games, its not that difficult, with one exception that has kept me at by for months now. I NEED MORE SPACE!! Some words in Japanese (Or as I refer to them, the moon runes) take up less characters than in English and I can't fit the English word in properly (Sometimes even cutting vowels doesn't work). So I'm in need of some help, does anyone know a way to overcome this issue?

    I'm using MadEdit and while it works great, I wish it had an insert option rather than just overwriting (I.E. type something it overwrites whatever is in front of it rather than pushing it farther along).

    Any help is much appreciated and I assume this is a common/general issue with many ROM hacks/Translation patches.


    EDIT: Also, does anyone know how to use or work a Disassembler program? I apparently need to learn how to use Disassembly if I am to complete this project.
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    you need IDApro and a good tutorial.