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    Jan 12, 2011
    United States
    So I read that I need to format my SD card to prevent the BSoD,but I've really never formatted anything before.
    I am trying to do this on Mac OS X 10.6.7 with Disk Utility,and I have everything ready,but I'm not sure if I should do this as I've also heard that formatting can corrupt your SD card.
    As I have 10 odd dollars and a 5 buck allowance,and am saving up for a few things,I don't have any money to spend on another SD card if this one gets damaged.
    I saw that it was already formatted in FAT16(MS-DOS),and when I choose the format to,er,format it to,all I see is MS-DOS FAT.Do I need to format it to a different format?And is MS-DOS FAT even FAT16 or FAT32,or is it just FAT?Does it matter what format I use?I also already backed the card up to the computer.

    I also have an old WinXP,but that one isn't so friendly with SD cards(well,at least Micro SDs,won't even recognize it along with Mac except with an adapter plugged into the reader,and now I'm too paranoid to use it on XP as I think it virused it because it happened on two computers,with two Micro SD cards). [​IMG]
    [/mindless questioning/rambling]
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