Screen protectors.

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  1. Varia

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    Nov 19, 2010
    So I've decided to get this bundle from Amazon:;pf_rd_i=506846
    You get free screen protectors, but those screen protectors don't fully cover the top half of the 3DS like the Hori screen protectors, but only the screen itself.
    Does anyone know if these ones ruin the 3D effect? and if they protect the screen from getting scratched by the lower screen (when you close your 3DS to strong)?
    I'm thinking of getting the Hori, but no point in that if these ones do the job.

    On a side note, only £165 for the black 3DS :> better order it soon before it'll change.

    BTW, this question applies to ANY screen protectors that don't fully cover the top half, not only the ones from power A.
  2. Nollog

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    Oct 10, 2008
    I have one.
    I put it on wonky and it still doesn't effect the 3D.
    Aboot the scratches, I'm not sure.
    The screen itself is definitively protected, but the black part around the screen may be scratched, I can't tell because of the screen protector.
    Could just be dirt.
    edit: yeah it's definitively just dirt.

    Make sure you get a game too, for only 10£ it's worth it even if you just sell it to gamestop or whoever.
  3. Varia

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    Nov 19, 2010
    Thanks a lot, saved me now another £7 [​IMG]
    Ya, I'm planing to get Lego Pirates of the caribbean.
    I was planing to get it anyway, so it's good that I can pay only £10 for it instead of a full price :>
  4. dsfanatic5

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    Mar 15, 2009
    United States
    I'm using what I think is the Power A protect kit. It came with screen protectors that only cover the screens, three stylus', cleaning cloth, and some crappy plastic game holders. The screen protectors work great, and I'm fine with just covering the screen on the top portion. They don't affect the 3D, and you can't even tell they're on. I was mostly concerned with protecting the touch screen; a lesson I learned on my DS Phat after becoming a Meteos addict. The extra stylus is nice, although I only lose them when I fall asleep in my chair, but I usually find them later [​IMG]

    The Hori protectors are supposed to be great quality, and have a new applicator that makes installing them a breeze. They cover the whole top portion, but have been reported to have a blue/purplish tint when viewed at an angle. They don't affect the screen when it's on though.

    I still get the smudge lines on my top screen protector because I carry my 3DS in my pocket every day. They wipe off, and even if it scratched, I can live with buying a new screen protector. Highly recommended.
  5. Varia

    Varia GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 19, 2010
    Ya, a screen protector for a touch screen is a must have.
    When I got my DSL (it was my first touch device), I never though of using screen protectors, but I got a kit which included them (I didn't get the kit especially for them though).
    I was damn lucky to put the touch screen screen protector, otherwise my whole screen would've been covered with scratches!

    To be honest, I wasn't planing to apply the top screen protector, but after hearing that the top screen might get scratched if you close the 3DS to hard (here's a picture for example: )
    I was really worried about it. I'm too lazy to carry with me a cloth to put in between the screens, so I really must have the top screen protector on.

    Thanks a lot for the heads-up, btw :]