Sci-Fi/Space game?

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    Okay a huge sci fi nerd lol and latley i seem to realize that there arent many very sci fi ish or space games out there for gba, i enjoy alot of kinds of games but latley ive been craving something sci fi ish...i was wondering if you guys could possibly give me reccomendations for space/sci. Fi games to check out?

    Off the top of my head the ones ive played with sci fi elements would be

    Megaman battle network series
    Megaman in general
    Megaman Zero (epic series)

    This really lame gundam seed one it was like a side view fighter

    A few of the dbz games i guess with the aliens lol

    The metroid games (thats partly what got my crave going again XD )

    Thats about it for sci fi i think

    The more reccomendations the better, i dont care if its platformer, sidescroller, rpg, rts, adventure, anything helps,

    Thanks ^-^
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    Phantasy Star I, II, III.
    Rebelstar: Tactical Command.
    Astro Boy: Omega Factor.
    Sigma Star Saga.
    Gunstar Super Heroes.
    Iridion II.
    Scurge: Hive.
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    And there's Zoids. [​IMG]