Savegame Backup from a broken WiiU?

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    My WiiU is broken, can I backup the savegames? :( I can see nothin on the tv, the message is "No Signal".
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    Unfortunately not. You need the Wii U to get the saves. Computers can't read your Wii U formatted hard drive and if you get another Wii U it'll ask you to format because your hard drive is formatted specifically to the one Wii U.

    Now are you sure the Wii U is broken? No signal on TV could be the HDMI cable just needs to be replaced. And besides you should still be able to see everything on your Gamepad can you not? Wii U doesn't require a TV, other than a handful of games. If you can still see the Wii U menu on your gamepad I'd go ahead and backup your saves with SaveMii.
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