Save $35 off your second 3DS game at Amazon

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    First of all I have posted this information in two different threads so far and I don't want to be redundant but I doubt a lot of people have seen this yet.

    There is a way of getting a second game from for $35.00 off. There are currently two promotions going on:

    Promotion 1: If you preorder a 3DS you get 25 dollars off of a game from the list (these are just the launch tittles)

    Promotion 2: If you preorder a game you get 10 dollars off of a game from the list (again a list of the launch titles)

    Please keep in mind that you MUST order each item (the 3DS and the game from the list) separately. Also the promotion credit only gets applied to your account after your order ships.

    I didn't think that you could apply both of them to one game however I contacted an Amazon customer service representative last night and he said that you could:


    Even if you are only planning on getting one game I suggest you take advantage of this and get an extra copy of SSF4 and sell it on ebay/craigslist ect...

    Special thanks goes to L_o_N_e_R because without him I wouldn't know about the first promotion in the first place.