Run GBA/Genesis/N64 from usb on Hackchi?

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    May 28, 2003
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    Hi, I have a snes classic mini (Pal version) running on the latest version of hackchi SE. After using an OTG cable, I am now able to run the snes roms from a usb storage drive. I have recently put some gba, n64 and genesis roms on to the usb drive by using the export games feature on Hackchi. They show up on the menu when I turn on my snes classic mini, but when I click on one of them, it either gets stuck on loading, or the screen will go black for 3 seconds before returning me to the main menu of the snes. I have installed the genesis, n64 and gba modules, and ive also installed retroarch. I have also looked on the usb drives contents and the only folder that I can see in the games folder is a folder called snes_eu (which contains all my snes roms plus the genesis/n64/gba roms as well). Do the gba/genesis/n64 roms need their own folders on the usb too or have I done everything wrong? is it even possible to run the genesis/gba/n64 roms from usb?