Rumble RAM Pack

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    Hi, i would like to know what are the specs of this rumble ram pack:

    is it a rumble pack and a memory expansion pack? does it work with Opera Browser? Does it speed up NDS games? Is it compatible with DS rumble games? IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH GBA SINCE IT HAS MORE RAM? Does the emulators like NES, SNES or even MAME run faster with this pack?

    Is it compatible with the DSTT?

    Thanks for the answers BTW :)
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    The recommended RAM and Rumble Paks are the EZ-3in1 and M3 (the only one with an RTC clock built-in), the rest may have compatibility issues. You probably won't find an M3 as they are not manufactured anymore, but you should find an EZ no problem, which is the safe option. Opera Browser sucks on the DS, if that's why you're getting it then save your money and buy a phone. I'm on mobile right now so I can't find the specs of this Pak for you right now, but if nobody replies, I'll post them after work. Again, not recommended.