Rom loading with Moonshell 2(.1?)

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by sumarth, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. sumarth

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    is rom loading with moonshell 2 possible on the m3i0?

    if it is it could be added to the quint-boot so then here would be 6 rom-loading firmwares for the m3
  2. Dark^'^Knigh

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    Even if it were possible, there's no advantage to having it take up msd space. MS effectively has same compatibility as DSTT and we all know where that's headed. [​IMG] You've got Sakura / Touchpod...why look elsewhere?
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    Really I would have to agree with Dark^'^Knight for once, I have a card that runs the DSTT firmware and it's not really any better than any of the M3 firmwares, so even if it could I wouldn't add it to the Quad-Boots.

    Plus there was a Hex-Boot, but it no longer works as well since iTouch was locked from working M3 real or M3i Zero cards.
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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I believe moonshell2.1 has rom loading on an M3i0 IIRC, but it is by using the ndslink and touchpod.nds. There is a plus to having Moonshell2 as an alternative loader (doing this for a friend xD) could just forgo the commercial rom loading on moonshell2 (its better to load it on Sakura anyways, what with the cheats and whatnot) and just use moonshell2 for loading the homebrew stuff using the touchpod loader. Technically this doesn't do squat apart from exchange the slowness and unsmexiness of touchpod into Moonshell2 without commercial roms, but its better than resorting to touchpod when all you need it for is homebrew (I'm guessing that is what the general populus uses it for anyhow).

    And lastly, I'm obviously a Moonshell2 fan so I feel that anyone that doesn't have moonshell2 is a lost soul xD.