rom dumping?

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    is there any hombrew apps that let you dump a ds game by ejecting the flash card and inserting a game? maybe to a slot 1 card or via wifi?
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    I wouldn't do that, it's illegal ... And it takes a loooooooooooooot of time, to dump a ROM ...
    But, yea, use google and u will find sth.

    BTW: Is this illegal, to post sth. like this? Then I could post a link from a Web site, where this is explained very well
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    Several although it is always nicer to use a DLDI capable GBA slot device.

    Two options without DLDI capable GBA slot
    1) Use a 3 in 1's NOR and
    2) Use wifi

    Rudolph's dumpers if you run across them still work wonders but recent DS roms have taken to adding data (seemingly not that vital) in a spot thought to be blank so we shifted to wood dumper, rudolph's (and ) will do saves over wifi where others might trip over though.
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    The best program is called Wooddumper. There is a slot2 version and a Wi-Fi version. If you can get that working, then you will make good dumps of NTR (regular DS) games. I don't know what they use to dump TWL (DSi-enhanced) games......I think that is done with a release group's private dumper or something. Wooddumper makes no promises that it can dump TWL games correctly, but it might be able to.

    Forget NDS_Backup_Tools......that one is no longer considered good enough to dump games with.....something about incomplete header bytes. It's unfortunate that this one isn't good enough anymore because it's pretty easy to get working......Wooddumper is more finicky.

    Don't take my word as gospel, but it should be OK to talk about how to make backups as long as you don't provide any links to the backups. For the backups you do make, you then need to find someone who's "in the scene" or a release group member to get the ROM "pre'd" so it shows up on release lists and at various ROM sites.

    Here's a Filetrip link to Wooddumper that contains both the Wi-Fi and slot2 versions, you have to DLDI patch it for your specific flashcard. If you plan to use the WiFi version, you will also need an FTP client on your computer to support it:

    Hope that helps.
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    It's illegal to distribute the copyrighted files, not (usually) illegal to dump them yourself. National laws vary on it though.
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    the letter of the law canadian style is that yes you can have a backup of a game that you own. If you don't own the game and you have the backup - for more than 24 hours - then that is illegal. the USA is different... and internationally the laws differ from country to country.

    One country its illegal to have or own dumpers but not illegal at all to have the roms.
    this other country you can dump but its illegal to have the roms period (with a very heavy jail time too even if there is only one game)

    As for the best dumper. (wood works for me the best so far)
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