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    I've been tinkering with the USB Game Compatibility Table, and I noticed that a ton of people struggle with getting games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc to play off their back-up loaders due to a conflict between their USB Loader and the USB Peripheral Controllers (mics, guitars, etc). In an effort to help, I made the Rock Guide: How to USB Load Games with USB Peripherals.

    Unfortunately for you, none of the above (aside from writing Wiki's) is within my area of expertise (drinking). It's info I've cobbled together through diligent googling and bugging the hell out of Dr. Clipper.

    If you are totally lost, I hope it helps you.

    If you, unlike me, ARE an expert on all that stuff, you are invited to fix the many factual errors and omissions I made.

    Good night and good luck.

    --Piso Mojado
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    That's a great guide! Thanks for keeping it updated. I've got it all working with the help given, even the DVD-R's of RB2 and RB: Metal.
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    great effort!

    just a couple things that need correcting...

    1) band hero loads like any other game, u don't need an external ehcmodule (I think that external module is used for using the alternate usb port, or it could be a different module all together, i'm not sure... but its definitely not needed to play band hero)

    2) there are multiple cIOSs that work with these games now, they include the following
    -hermes-v4[37+38 ] (installed to slot 222 or 223, doesn't matter)... this is the cIOS that has been tried tested and true, but the other cIOSs below are faster (but may have compatibility issues that I have not yet discovered)
    -hermes-v5[37] (installed to slot 223 or 224)
    -wanins-v19[37] (installed to slot 249 and/or 250)

    3) the one major thing I think ur guide is missing, is how to get pirated DLC to work (currently only works with the original/retail disc... I think). I don't know too much about this, but i think cioscorp + backup disc launching gets DLC working (just in case you 'misplaced' the retail disc)
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    1. This topic is a month+ old, so ofc it's not up to date [​IMG]
    2. Wiki can be edited by everyone, without an account.