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    Nov 30, 2015
    I downloaded Retroarch and I'm having trouble getting it to load the roms.

    It seems to be very buggy for me and I just got error 2168-002 An error has ocurred when searching directory. Nevertheless, my roms won't show up. I downloaded the core for nintendo 64 since I read that might be the problem but it's still the same and the rom won't appear in the playlist. I also formatted my sd card to fat32 instead of exfat, what could be going wrong?
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    Get the newest build of retroarch and recopy it over. Make sure there is a saves folder and roms folder inside the retroarch directory. When you goto launch retro/ hb menu before you open the hb menu hold r and open any game tile to have it load in with full ram access. That’s what I have had todo
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    You have to use No-Intro ROMsets specifically for standard ROM cart systems, if you want them to show up in playlists; otherwise, load content directly from the main menu.
    For optical media-based and arcade cores, scanning will crash the system regardless.

    Also, use the cores provided in the new nightly packages only; that standalone N64 core you needed to use as a stand-in is obsolete.
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    Sep 3, 2016
    You can find the latest nightly RetroArch Build here
    If you want to show up your Roms properly, then you need to create a Playlist.
    Make sure that your Folder Structure looks similiar to this:


    Copy your Roms to the corresponding Folder.
    Open this Site in your Internet Browser .
    Now for example, go into your GB Folder and press CTRL + a, drag and drop all the Roms into
    your Internet Browser.


    Repeat this Process with every Rom Folder.
    Copy your Files to the retroarch\playlists Folder.


    If you also want the Thumbnails to show up, then you need to name your Playlists like their corresponding Folders are named in the retroarch\thumbnails Folder. (If there's no Thumbnails Folder or no Thumbnails inside, then open RetroArch --> Online Updater --> Thumbnails Updater --> your desired System(s).) (You can also download the PC Version for this Step...)

    Now Open RetroArch and check your Playlists for Missing Icons. Write down all the Games that have no Icons. Go into your Rom Folder and copy the Title of the Game and head over to the ex. retroarch\thumbnails\Nintendo - Game Boy\Named_Boxarts Folder and look for your Game.
    Rename the GameIcon.png so that it matches your Game Title. (If there's no Icon, then you can download any Picture and rename it to your Game Title just make sure its .png you can also resize it). If for some Reason the Icon still wont show up make sure there's no & in the name. If there's an & replace it with an _ .
    BTW this Tutorial should also work on other Plattforms than the Switch.
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